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Welcome to California Foothills Medical Associates, Inc., the office of Dr. Arnold I. Roth, MD. Our Internal Medicine Practice (primary care for adults) has proudly served this community since 1989. We are committed to providing excellent comprehensive care where each patient is treated with courtesy and respect. You will be personally treated by Dr. Roth at each visit, our wait times are short, and same or next day appointments are frequently available.

The physicians and staff of California Foothills Medical Association are:

  • Dedicated to giving the highest quality and cost effective medical care to all the members of our community we can reach;
  • Dedicated to treating each person with respect and care;
  • Dedicated to continually enhancing the trust, respect, cooperation, and commitment of all members of this practice to each other and the team effort;
  • Dedicated to ensuring the financial success of this practice to permit the perpetuation of this mission.

We offer a variety of clinical care through our office in Rancho Cucamonga, California including:

  • Office Care
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Preventative Care
  • Immunizations

Announcement from Dr. Roth

November 15, 2018


I am truly humbled.  The outpouring of caring, loving and hopeful cards, letters and gifts have opened my heart.  An intense indoctrination of detachment is part of medical training and sometimes healthcare workers lose perspective as to why they chose this business in the first place.  I have tried thorough personal growth/counseling, workshops, observation and interaction with my patients in a “REAL” way to maintain my “HUMANITY”.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes being ill as a “WAKE UP CALL” for all aspects of life to come together to confirm for me “I did pretty OK”.

I have stage three (3) Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.  IT IS CURABLE! Treatment will consist of 6-8 weeks biweekly intensive chemotherapy followed by extensive pancreatic surgery.  Then six months of chemotherapy.  My treatment is through UC Irvine.

I intend to return to the practice in some capacity post treatment, if possible.  However, as you can see this is a somewhat prolonged course.  You also know me and I WILL kick this cancer.

I have obtained the temporary services of Dr. Obioha.  He has been well received by patients, is very knowledgeable in medicine and has an excellent reputation.  Please continue with our practice, insurance permissible, until I can return.  I remain in constant contact with Nora, Shelley and my office staff and occasionally drop in to visit.  We are all working hard to keep the practice moving forward.

I thank all of you again for your HEARTFELT SUPPORT.


Arnold I. Roth, M.D.

I started my practice in Rancho Cucamonga in August of 1989. This month marks our 25th anniversary of providing medical services to thousands of our visitors, neighbors, friends, and family members. Shelley, Michael, Brianna, and I wish to extend our deep felt thanks and appreciation to all of you for your trust and loyalty. We look forward to many more years of helping to keep you and our community healthy.